Mykonos is most certainly a wonderful island full of life, light… and great food!
No matter how much you’re dreaming about partying in Mykonos or taking a dip into the crystal, deep blue waters surround it, dining there is also an essential part of the Mykonos experience! The food in Mykonos, especially of local produce, is something you just have to taste if you wish to fully understand the island and grasp its true spirit. Of course, it goes without saying that you have to do that in the right place… This is none other than the “Apaggio” restaurant in Mykonos. Let’s see all the reasons why!

Local fish and fresh seafood are caught in the Mykonian and Aegean Sea by local fishermen, and are then being served right to your plate to offer a magnificent culinary experience like never before. Fresh smoked salmon, shrimp, calamari, local lobster, fresh oysters, sea urchin shells and many more delicacies right from Poseidon’s Kingdom are waiting for you to taste them! However, that’s not all there is to it. Mykonos has a wide variety of other local specialties, such as the Mykonian Ksinotiro or the Kopanisti Cheese, along with an array of amazing desserts which we will be more than happy to serve you! Moreover, we’re always ready to offer authentic Greek cuisine flavors of local produce coming all the way from Crete, Naxos, Chalkida, Samos or Syros! Seasonal vegetables and high quality meat dishes are just few of the choices.

We also know very well that a great dining experience with local fish and fresh seafood is never complete without great drinks! Thus, in our restaurant you will be introduced to a variety of Greek beers, fine wines, as well as to countless choices of traditional ouzo and tsipouro. It’s time to raise your glasses and say “Cheers”, while fully indulging yourselves in classic Mykonian and Greek flavors!

If all those reasons weren’t enough, you should also know that “Apaggio” is the only restaurant in Mykonos where you can dine right next to the crystal waters of the island, away from all the hustle and the noise… The sound of the crashing waves serves as the background music, to complete your serene experience in the best possible way! Here, you’ll have the perfect chance to leave all your worries away, completely relax and let loose, all while tasting the best food in Mykonos!

Get ready to be enchanted by the magnificent taste of local fish and fresh seafood, by the endless choices of the traditional Greek cuisine and by the magical scenery right next to the sea… A restaurant in Mykonos unlike any other is waiting for you to discover it!